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“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and believe it will help both my work and personal projects. Karen was a very informative tutor, she provided excellent feedback, help and encouragement. I'm very pleased with the knowledge and skills I've obtained. The Writers College are helpful, efficient and offer well-priced courses; I recommend the Writers College to others and would definitely consider studying with them again.” Rachael Richardson-Bullock, Writing a Blog That Will Get Read, April 2016, Leamington Spa

“The course was very enjoyable and enlightening and I definitely would like to do more writing courses with SA Writers College in the future. I cannot fault my tutor, or the marking process, or SA Writers College.” Dianne, Writing A Blog That Will Get Read, April 2016, Johannesburg

“The course exceeded my expectations in every way. The study material was easy to follow. I appreciated my tutor's comments, examples and explanation on rules when marking rather than just giving a mark. She had a friendly tone and offered words of encouragement throughout. The course has given me a confidence boost, and clarified many grammar rules I was not aware of in the past.” Elizabeth Reshoketswe Seepe, Grammar for Writers Course, April 2016, Pretoria

“Overall it was a good experience. I am grateful to SA Writers College for allowing me some extra time to complete my modules. Di was a lovely tutor, she was very supportive and helpful. Overall it was an excellent and affordable course, which has given me the confidence to take further steps in part-time employment within the writing industry.” Jane Trathen, Copy-Editing and Proofreading Course, April 2016, Johannesburg


Writing service dunedin

writing service dunedin


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