The crucible revenge theme essay

“John Proctor, then, in being driven to confess not to a metaphoric guilt but to actual sex with an identified teenage partner, might save the community in the only way possible – by raising to consciousness what had been suppressed and in holy disguise was out to murder them all” (Timebends, 341). “The political question, therefore, of whether witches and Communists could be equated was no longer to the point. What was manifestly parallel was the guilt, two centuries apart, of holding illicit, suppressed feelings of alienation and hostility toward standard, daylight society as defined by its most orthodox proponents” (341) Specifically, the liberals or “left leaners” were shamed for having seen Russia as a kind of spiritual condition.

Lai came into her own during the era of Italian cannibal films , playing lead roles in two genre-defining movies: Man from Deep River (1972) by Umberto Lenzi , and Last Cannibal World (1977) by Ruggero Deodato . Lai appears nude throughout most of the film, which includes an explicit shot of her vulva . Additionally, she also had a part in Eaten Alive! (1980), again by Umberto Lenzi , in which one of her scenes from Last Cannibal World was re-used. Outside the cannibal genre, she had a brief role as a Chinese brothel girl in Blake Edwards 's 1978 comedy Revenge of the Pink Panther .

An additional irony that Miller constructs in the act is in the plot structure. The Proctors and their allies can rely on a single person to save themselves from Abigail Williams' treachery. Yet this person, Mary Warren, is the weakest and most pliable character in The Crucible. She alone has the power to stop the hysteria of the witchcraft trials, but neither the strength nor resolve to do so. Mary requires intense coercion from John Proctor to even consider admitting to the falsehood in court. However, despite her weakness Mary Warren is as dangerous as Abigail, for the guileless girl betrays none of Abigail's malicious bearing and thus appears more overtly innocent. She is a pawn who may be used by the Proctors to prove their innocence, but Miller foreshadows that Mary Warren may be used by Abigail to serve her own purposes as well.

The crucible revenge theme essay

the crucible revenge theme essay


the crucible revenge theme essaythe crucible revenge theme essaythe crucible revenge theme essaythe crucible revenge theme essay