Standard 5 paragraph essay

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The first way to divide sentences into groups in Ancient Greek was the original paragraphos , which was a horizontal line in the margin to the left of the main text. [6] As the paragraphos became more popular, the horizontal line eventually changed into the Greek letter Gamma (Γ and γ) and later into litterae notabiliores , which were enlarged letters at the beginning of a paragraph. [7] This notation soon changed to the letter K which was an abbreviation for the Latin word kaput , which translates as "head," . it marks the head of a new thesis. [8] Eventually, to mark a new section, the Latin word capitulum , which translates as "little head" was used, and the letter C came to mark a new section in 300 BC. [9] In the 1100s, C had completely replaced K as the symbol for a new chapter. [10] Rubricators eventually added one or two vertical bars to the C to stylize it (as ⸿); the symbol was filled in with dark ink and eventually looked like the modern pilcrow (¶). [11]

Standard 5 paragraph essay

standard 5 paragraph essay


standard 5 paragraph essaystandard 5 paragraph essaystandard 5 paragraph essaystandard 5 paragraph essay