Sociological concepts essays

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  • Society
    • Definitions Of Society
    • Types Of Societies
    • Characteristics of a Society
  • Community
  • Cultural Relativism
  • Association
    • Main Characteristics Of Association
  • Culture
    • The Development Of Culture
  • Diffusion
  • Cultural Lag
  • Cultural Relativism
  • Ethnocentrism
  • Values
    • General And Specific Values
    • Means Values, Ends Values, And Ultimate Values
    • Values Conflict With One Another
  • Social Norms
  • Social Institutions
  • Cooperation
  • Competition
    • Nature And Characteristics Of Competition
  • Conflict
    • Harmful Effects Of Conflict
    • Useful Functions Of Conflict
  • Accommodation
  • Assimilation
  • Acculturation
  • Social Groups
    • Primary Groups
    • Secondary Groups
    • Reference Groups
  • Social System
  • Status And Role
    • Ascribed Statuses
    • Achieved Statuses
    • Ralf Linton's approach to social role
    • GH Mead approach to social role
    • Role Expectations
    • Role making
    • Multiple Roles
    • Role set
    • Role Strain
    • Role Enactment
    • Role Primacy
    • Role Model
    • Role Distance
  • Socialization
  • Deviance
  • Conformity
  • Law
  • Customs
  • Acculturation
  • Integration
  • Social Distance
  • Some Of Terms And The Theorists
  • Important Points To Remember
  • Important Books And Authors
  • Important Concepts And Their Theorists
  • Sociology of Media
  • Dalit Consciousness

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B) Microaggression as underdiversity
Microaggression offenses also tend to involve what Black calls “underdiversity” – the rejection of a culture. Large acts of underdiversity include things like genocide or political oppression, while smaller acts include ethnic jokes or insults. The publicizers of microaggressions are concerned with the latter, as well as more subtle, perhaps inadvertent, cultural slights…. Just as overstratification conflict varies inversely with stratification, underdiversity conflict varies directly with diversity (Black 2011:139). Attempts to increase stratification, we saw, are more deviant where stratification is at a minimum; likewise, attempts to decrease diversity are more deviant where diversity is at a maximum . In modern Western societies, an ethic of cultural tolerance – and often incompatibly, intolerance of intolerance – has developed in tandem with increasing diversity. Since microaggression offenses normally involve overstratification and underdiversity, intense concern about such offenses occurs at the intersection of the social conditions conducive to the seriousness of each. It is in egalitarian and diverse settings – such as at modern American universities – that equality and diversity are most valued, and it is in these settings that perceived offenses against these values are most deviant. []. [Again, the paradox: places that make the most progress toward equality and diversity can expect to have the “lowest bar” for what counts as an offense against equality and inclusivity. Some colleges have lowered the bar so far that an innocent question, motivated by curiosity, such as “where are you from” is now branded as an act of aggression.]

Sociological concepts essays

sociological concepts essays


sociological concepts essayssociological concepts essayssociological concepts essayssociological concepts essays