School uniform persuasive essay samples

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I hate uniforms they suck. I am doing an essay on why we shouldn’t have to wear uniforms right now. Of course the teachers couldn’t care less about what my stupid essay says but I do. 1 we should be able to express ourselves, but I agree that we should keep it appropriate. 2 if i get a hole in the knee of my already way to expensive uniform I have to buy a new one and i tried everything to patch it, but I don’t have enough time and I have to wear it the next day any way. 3 it interferes with our education more than it helps it!! we get detentions and sent home for uniform violations so either it gets too late to finish our crazy amount of homework or we get sent home and get f’s on everything we miss. ): uniforms are more unhelpful then they are helpful and the bullying thing is bullcrapo people can have fitted uniforms that look better than the less fortunate who have bad looking uniforms and I hear the whispers. IT DOESN”T ChANGE ANYTHING!! hear me world cuz ma stupid teachers won’t. I want ma freedom!

Last term we worked on studying Endangered Species. There was 3 parts to our work. Firstly we learnt about the Red List of Classifying Animals ranging from ‘No Data Available’ to ‘Extinct’, what factors made animals become vulnerable or endangered, what solutions are in place and about introduced and feral animals. We each student focused on one animal so they became an expert about that endangered animal. The final part of our work is to create a fictitious animal! So many creative creatures, from flying monkeys to balldogs! We then invited parents, friends and relatives to our afternoon tea to look at our work. Almost 40 people came, we were so excited! It was a lot of fun. Please click on the link below for photos.

School uniform persuasive essay samples

school uniform persuasive essay samples


school uniform persuasive essay samplesschool uniform persuasive essay samplesschool uniform persuasive essay samplesschool uniform persuasive essay samples