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The image of Santa became popular in the United States because of the caricaturist Thomas Nast. This portrayal and image has been maintained throughout most representations including songs, radio, television, and films. He is known in the United Kingdom and Europe as Father Christmas.

One popular legend that is associated with Santa says that he lives in the far north or "North Pole". Other versions is that he resides in Lapland, Finland.  He is married to Mrs. Claus and lives with her. He makes a special list each year of children categorizing them as "naughty" or "nice". He delivers presents to all of the good boys and girls but delivers coal to naughty children. He does all of this in one night with the help of elves.  The elves are also his toy makers.  He delivers the toys on a sleigh with eight or nine reindeer.
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Sample essay christmas vacation

sample essay christmas vacation


sample essay christmas vacationsample essay christmas vacationsample essay christmas vacationsample essay christmas vacation