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In the morning, take a walking tour of the “old city,” Havana Vieja, which features some of Havana’s most historically significant buildings. Stop at its four important squares. Visit Ernest Hemingway’s home, Finca Vigía, where he wrote all or part of “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” “The Old Man and the Sea” and “A Moveable Feast.” Stop at Morro Castle, originally built in the 16th century and still guarding the entrance to Havana’s harbor. After lunch at a local paladar, tour Miramar, where many politicians lived in the large homes built before the Revolution, and Cubanacán, with the Instituto Superior de Arte, or National Arts Schools, whose innovative terra-cotta structures are being revived in this century. Drive back to the hotel in old American convertibles. Later, have a farewell cocktail party in an artist’s home and dinner in a local paladar.

You will be pushed to your limits if you join me. There are always days of frustration in my classes… not every day is a happy day. You should know going in that my intent is to take you from where you are as a photographer to your logical or aesthetic “next step” with the emphasis on becoming an essayist and communicating with true “visual literacy”. I will do this with group critique and “one on one” discussions… our collaborative “final product” is an audio/music track slide show with each of you up on the screen as authors… your name, your title, and in front of an assembled audience from the local art community and special guests… at that moment, that very moment, you will forget the blood and the sweat from the days before.

Meals essayist

meals essayist


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