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A full brother of "Alejandro" & Goudhaantje" wins 94e . Bourges II p.
08/4347712 "Federer" (Full Brother Limoges x Kim) is father to 25e Int. Prov. Blois p.
10/4007833 - "Bolleke 2000"
The grandmother of this female is from Marc De Cock: 03/4411155 "Elisabeth" (Grandmother De Marseille - Aelbrecht M.)
wins so far .:
2e        Reg.        Bourges        427 p.
219e    Nat.         Bourges    p.
7e        Reg.        Argenton       436 p.
199e    Nat.         Argenton   p.
9e        Reg.        Blois            338 p.
39e      .   Blois          p.
A full brother wins in 2010 298e National Argenton p.
A full sister wins in 2010 5e Int. Prov. Tours p.

Winner of 6th Federation Littlehampton 129 miles, 6th Club Salisbury 74 miles, 1st GGDC Falaise 236 miles, 3rd West Section National, 1st GGDC Tours 347 miles 1st West Section National. Dam of  1st Open National  Messac 279 miles. “Welsh Grizzle” is a full sister to a winner of 13 x 1st and 4 x 2nd Club also sister to  3rd Open National  Pau 600 miles,  3rd Open National  Tarbes 605 miles, 1st Club  6th Open National  Toures 347 miles, 1st Club  7th Open National  Lessay 189 miles, 1st Club  3rd Open National  Carentan 189 miles 1,994 birds!

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