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In April 2011, the Australian Government announced that Simpson would be one of thirteen servicemen examined in an inquiry into "Unresolved Recognition for Past Acts of Naval and Military Gallantry and Valour". [31] The tribunal for this inquiry was directed to make recommendations on the awarding of decorations, including the Victoria Cross. Concluding its investigations in February 2013, the tribunal recommended that no further award be made to Simpson, since his "initiative and bravery were representative of all other stretcher-bearers of 3rd Field Ambulance, and that bravery was appropriately recognised as such by the award of an MID." [29] [32]

"In the early hours of the following day, as he was bearing a wounded comrade on his shoulders, he spotted a donkey and quickly began making use of it to bear his fellow soldiers." Reading this you'd think he rescued every ANZAC at Galipolli single handed. While he was an early 'media story' he needs to be placed into perspective as one of many first aiders and muleteers (such as the Zion Mule Corp). Otherwise, its just amplifying a 1910s media friendly story without context. (Even if the quote is true the donkey wasn't there by accident). AnonNep ( talk ) 06:07, 28 November 2013 (UTC)

John simpson kirkpatrick essay

john simpson kirkpatrick essay


john simpson kirkpatrick essayjohn simpson kirkpatrick essayjohn simpson kirkpatrick essayjohn simpson kirkpatrick essay