Harry potter archetypes essay

Literature written for young adults can be used as a stepping stone to canonical works that are traditionally read in classrooms, and required by many schools curricula . In Building a Culture of Readers: YA Literature and the Canon by Kara Lycke, Lycke suggests pairing young adult literature and canon works to prepare young adults to understand the classic literature they will encounter. By having teachers look at the connections between two texts they will prepare their students to do the same. When it comes to pairings Lycke suggests, "Riordan's YA Percy Jackson series with Homer 's the Iliad and the Odyssey or Meyer's Twilight series with texts her characters reference, such as Wuthering Heights . Others suggest thematic comparing the treatment of the "denial of the American dream". [28] in the classic The Grapes of Wrath , with Spinelli's Maniac Magee , or Meyers' Monster . [29]

I imagine you’ll have read as much as I have by the time your my age. I don’t read a lot on the web. I like this blog but I don’t read many other things. I love “Gillead”!!! If I were asked what was my very favorite novel, “Gillead” would be it. it was given to me after my father died and it lifted my spirits immeasurably. Marilynne Robinson is phenomenal. She’s only written three novels and I think Gillead is the best, but the others are good too. They are all different. “Home” is about the same people as “Gillead” but is told in the voice of Glory. My problem is that I like to read so much that I don’t write. i thought the other day that I’d just read a few short stories and then I’d write. After I finished five or six short stories hours later, i fell asleep. Well I’ll just have to give up on cleaning I guess. That will give me time to read and write.

Harry potter archetypes essay

harry potter archetypes essay


harry potter archetypes essayharry potter archetypes essayharry potter archetypes essayharry potter archetypes essay