Ethical considerations in writing research papers

Likewise, the use of certain undercover devices by reporters, such as hidden microphones and cameras, raises ethical questions that must be resolved by each news person or news manager. Their use also has legal implications because, in some states, it is forbidden. Certainly, the argument used by many journalists that you "do what you have to do" to catch someone breaking the law or deceiving the public seems reasonable on the surface. However, many reporters believe that they must stay within the law or they stoop to the level of those they are investigating.

Some . fertility clinics use a woman’s menopause as a guideline for when fertility treatment should no longer be conducted. Using this as a basis, Dr. Adamson said that if he were to give fertility treatment to a woman over the age of 50, there would need to be "compelling reasons to proceed" with the pregnancy, and that they would need to "outweigh the significant medical risks associated with pregnancy at this age." Once a woman reaches her mid-50s, "it's difficult to envisage a situation in which the social benefits of pregnancy and parenthood outweigh the major medical risks."

Rates of organ donation lag far behind the increasing need. At the start of 2006, more than 90,000 people were waiting to receive a solid organ (kidney, liver, lung, pancreas, heart, or intestine). Organ Donation examines a wide range of proposals to increase organ donation, including policies that presume consent for donation as well as the use of financial incentives such as direct payments, coverage of funeral expenses, and charitable contributions. This book urges federal agencies, nonprofit groups, and others to boost opportunities for people to record their decisions to donate, strengthen efforts to educate the public about the benefits of organ donation, and continue to improve donation systems. Organ Donation also supports initiatives to increase donations from people whose deaths are the result of irreversible cardiac failure. This book emphasizes that all members of society have a stake in an adequate supply of organs for patients in need, because each individual is a potential recipient as well as a potential donor.

Ethical considerations in writing research papers

ethical considerations in writing research papers


ethical considerations in writing research papersethical considerations in writing research papersethical considerations in writing research papersethical considerations in writing research papers