Essay on tolerance need of the hour

If this is how things shake out, it’s a huge deal: It means Laura was far from the average troubled American teenager of 1989 and was in fact meant to “save the world” in some way. (Some fans are already grumbling about this.) On the other hand, those close to Lynch said he wanted to make Laura more than a victim character, and the end of Fire Walk with Me , grim as it was, demonstrated that she died because she chose the path of self-sacrifice rather than give up her soul. If Laura had some sort of . . . grand fate or spiritual uniqueness, it makes her death both more tragic and her choice even more consequential; if BOB had claimed Laura’s soul, the consequences could have/would have been even greater.

In the Media: Individual attitudes are influenced by the images of other groups in the media and the press. For instance, many Serbian communities believed that the western media portrayed a negative image of the Serbian people during the NATO bombing in Kosovo and Serbia.[5] This de-humanization may have contributed to the West's willingness to bomb Serbia. However, there are studies that suggest media images may not influence individuals in all cases. For example, a study conducted on stereotypes discovered people of specific towns in southeastern Australia did not agree with the negative stereotypes of Muslims presented in the media.[6]

The question, therefore, isn’t whether one should be intolerant of bad ideas, but how . It’s true that, as Haidt and Etchemendy argue, many liberals are too quick to dismiss their political opponents as evil or stupid or, well, intolerant. This is ineffective—the right response is to challenge their mistaken claims. Blaming intolerance is intellectually lazy and hands proponents of repugnant ideologies a powerful rhetorical move for advancing their agendas—demanding their views be tolerated, since intolerance has been deemed unacceptable.

Essay on tolerance need of the hour

essay on tolerance need of the hour


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