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  Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya Heart Sutra Essays

  • The Heart Sūtra - Indian or Chinese? (17 Sep 2007) Precis of Jan Nattier's 1992 article on the provenance of the Heart Sutra.
  • Words in mantras that end in -e (6 Mar 2009) The Grammatical function of the -e case marker in mantras, suggesting that this is from Prakrit and indicates a masculine nominative singular.
  • Tadyathā in the Heart Sūtra (13 Nov 2009) Grammar and syntax of tadyathā in relationship to mantras. Not originally intended to be included in recitation.
  • Some Additional Notes: The -e ending in mantras (30 Jul 2010) Further note on the -e ending which shows that it was in widespread us as nominative singular in Northern India [Signe Cohen].
  • Heart Sutra Syntax (23 Nov 2012) Initial notes on a grammatical error discovered in Conze's critical edition of the Sanskrit Heart Sutra, with proposed changes to the text. Now submitted to an academic journal.
  • Heart Sutra: Horiuzi Palm-leaf mss. Transcription (5 Dec 2012) An important Sanskrit manuscript of the Heart Sutra.
  • Emptiness for Beginners (14 Feb 2013) Brief explanation of the concept of emptiness based on close study of Nāgārjuna's Mūlamadhyamkakārikā .
  • Heart Sutra Mantra (30 Aug 2013) Detailed notes on the source texts for the mantra found in the Heart Sutra. Definition of mantra vs dhāraṇī with suggestion that the "mantra" is in fact a dhāraṇī.
  • Heart Sutra Mantra Epithets (6 Sep 2013) Notes on the epithets often associated with the mantra. Shows that "mantra" is probably the wrong Sanskrit word, and that the source texts, particularly Pañcaviṃśatisāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra has "vidyā". Epithets are in fact unrelated to the dhāraṇī and refer to prajñāpāramitā more generally.
  • Who Translated the Heart Sutra into Sanskrit? (13 Sep 2013). Using idiosyncracies in the language to place limits on who could have translated it from Chinese to Sanskrit.
  • Fixing Problems in the Sanskrit Heart Sūtra. (20 Sep 2013). Given the problems created by translating from Chinese into Sanskrit, how would we improve on the present sutra.
  • A New Sanskrit Heart Sutra (27 Sep 2013). A revision of the edition of the Heart Sutra by Edward Conze, with some back story, notes and a new translation.
  • An Alternate Sanskrit Heart Sutra . (11 Oct 2013). A speculative text based on extracts of the Gilgit manuscript of the Pañcaviṃśatisāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra .
  • Why is there a Dhāraṇī in the Heart Sūtra? (18 Oct 2013) Looking at dhāraṇī, attitudes of scholars and the role of magic in Buddhism through the lens of Ariel Glucklich's work.
  • Variations in the Heart Sutra in Chinese (25 Oct 2013) Examining a critique of Jan Nattier's Chinese origins thesis ont he basis of variant readings in the Chinese Tripiṭaka
  • The Act of Truth in Relation to the Heart Sutra (1 Nov 2013) Description of the saccakiriya or act of truth, an obscure branch of Buddhist lore and how it might inform the use of a text like the Heart Sutra
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