Definitional essay topics

There are, however, many ways to look at the evolution of mankind. Rescher stresses that, after all, intelligence has evolved not because it aids the survival of its possessors within nature. It arose because it represents one effective means of survival. Intelligence is our functional substitute for the numerousness of termites, the ferocity of lions, or the toughness of microorganisms. So, it might even be said that this is our specific manner of fighting the battle for survival: we would not be here if our intelligence-led rationality were not survival-conducive. But does all this mean that intelligence is an inevitable feature of conscious organic life? The answer to such a question is crucial and, as long as Rescher is concerned, is negative.

"And I think their idea of reciprocal solidarity helps us to get out of the tired debate about whether it should be identity politics, race, gender, sexuality, or class, and to think about how these things operate together," he said. "How raced people and gendered people and sexual people experience class, too, maybe in different ways. And how people who might be of a certain kind of power and privilege in terms of race or gender might also experience class and might have reasons to be angry, too, and alienated because the economy ain't working for most of us, let's be honest."

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Definitional essay topics

definitional essay topics


definitional essay topicsdefinitional essay topicsdefinitional essay topicsdefinitional essay topics