Crisis of pakistan essay

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“When I asked Abdullah if he thought Kashmir could remain stable independent country without friendly support India and Pakistan, he replied negative. In his opinion, independent Kashmir could exist only in case it had friendship both of India and Pakistan; in case both these countries had friendly relations with each other; and in case . through . or direct would enable it, by investments or other economic assistance, to develop its magnificent resources. Adherence Kashmir to India would not lead in foreseeable future to improving miserable economic lot of population. There were so many areas of India in urgent need of economic development, he was convinced Kashmir would get relatively little attention” ( Foreign Relations of the United States, 1950, Volume 5, page 1,434).

The threat of corruption in Pakistan is neither government nor party centric but it is the system and framework driven. As per figuring’s performed by Transparency International, Pakistan has lost an unbelievable heightened amount just because of corruption, bad government and tax evasion  which was more than Rs. trillion (US $94 billion), because of corruption, bad government and tax dodging. According to an advisory of a Transparency International, Pakistan does not require a single rupee as a foreign aid if it starts correcting it internet governance and systems. This proves that Pakistan is pretty rich country but only because of corruption and dishonesty it lack in the development and growth.

Crisis of pakistan essay

crisis of pakistan essay


crisis of pakistan essaycrisis of pakistan essaycrisis of pakistan essaycrisis of pakistan essay