Coursework assessment

For attendance at industry meetings, conventions and other events such as the annual NIGP Forum & Products Exposition, applicants may only claim contact hours at a rate of eight (8) contact hours per day maximum, but only for sessions and workshops that are specific to procurement and include a speaker, instructor, trainer, facilitator or moderator. Example: 1 and 1/2 hours of qualifying instructor-led training/education equals contact hours. Networking, tradeshows, entertainment and social events are excluded and are not applicable for contact hours. This exclusion applies to stand alone events as well as those that are part of larger events such as the annual NIGP Forum & Products Exposition.

You must register and pay for the unit 1 exam approximately two months before the exam date (see our current schedule for current deadlines). At that point we will send a list of participant names to WSET and we will become liable for full payment for the exam. After that point if you do not take the exam you will forfeit the payment fee unless you can provide WSET (through us) evidence of what they consider a valid excuse for missing the exam. In the past they have excused proven jury duty on the day of the exam, hospitalization on the day of the exam, and the death of a close relative on the day of the exam. They do not accept any work-related reason for having missed the exam.

Coursework assessment

coursework assessment


coursework assessmentcoursework assessmentcoursework assessmentcoursework assessment