Columbia business school application essays

Another component central to Columbia being perfectly suited to my career objectives is the Eugene Lang center. As my ultimate goal is to start and run my own Investment fund, I require not only top-notch financial training, but also a deeper understanding of Entrepreneurialism and Innovation. Columbia’s Entrepreneurship program hinges upon two distinct principles which are both directly applicable to my ultimate goal of launching an Investment Fund: identifying, valuing, and capturing opportunity, and doing so with individual initiative in the face of high uncertainty and/or tight resources. When I learned that CBS had a dedicated Entrepreneurship center with its focal doctrine to institutionalize, emphasize, and formalize the practice and ideas of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, I became even more certain that CBS is the best place to help me achieve my goals.

Columbia Law School students are in great demand. Highly regarded firms send recruiters each year to hire the next generation of standout associates, while social justice organizations, government agencies, and eminent judges’ chambers seek our accomplished candidates for highly competitive posts. Whether a soon-to-be Columbia graduate wants to become a law professor, work for the FTC, lead a human rights group, or someday run a venerable corporate law firm, our Morningside Heights campus is the place to prepare for the most desirable and fulfilling of legal careers. 

Columbia business school application essays

columbia business school application essays


columbia business school application essayscolumbia business school application essayscolumbia business school application essayscolumbia business school application essays