Beyond the deep woods essay

I've been anticipating the arrival of The Edge Chronicles series in the USA for almost three years - ever since our son's Godmother, who lives in the UK, gave him the first three books in the series.  Why it took 6 years from the time the first book in the series (Beyond The Deepwoods) was published in the UK to it crossing the Atlantic is one of life's mysteries, but the good news is that it and the second in the series (Stormchaser) are now available in the USA, and others in the series will be following shortly.  

I've read the first two books, and our son (aged 10 now) has read a few more.  Personally, I think they're great - in fact I'd go as far as to say that I think they're the most imaginative books I've read in a long time.  These are classic adventure stories -  an orphan boy 'strays from the path' in order to pursue his destiny in a fantastic world of foul-mouthed halitoads, red-faced slaughterers and galumphing banderbears.   I've been racking my brain for a book to compare these to but am drawing a blank - the best I can come up with is The Phantom Tollbooth by way of Lewis Carrol's Jabberwocky .

Enhancing the tale are the many pen and ink drawings by accomplished cartoonist Chris Riddel.  The 'official' reading age for the series is 9-12, but I think it would be enjoyed by some younger readers and many older ones.   
Media Reviews Publishers Weekly
In poetic prose, Stewart and Riddell invent the magical realm that culminates at the Edge....The narrative will cast a spell over readers from the beginning with its utterly odd, off-kilter sense of logic and a vocabulary that is equal parts Dr. Seuss and Lewis Carroll Ages 10-12.

The Literary Review (UK)
A richly inventive fantasy . . one of the most exciting collaborations between a writer and illustrator for a long time.

The Guardian (UK)
Stunningly original.

Reader Reviews Gabriel
An Enchanting Novel
This book was absolutely fantastic. It will sweep you away into a different realm that has mystical creatures, and unbelievable stories that can relate to life. One of the most creative novels I've ever read. Any young adult would absolutely enjoy ...    Read More

Great Book
This a great book! My friend Jacob, who told Mac, who told me and I told David. I think he did a great job describing the bander bears. He also changed my life by adding elements of faithfulness, friendship. and courage. It encouraged me to get ...    Read More

I loved it!
I was very happy with it. A friend recommended it to me and it looked a little childish, but it is great for a wide range of ages! Anyone who likes sci-fi/fantasy!

Beyond the Deepwoods
I thought this book was enchanting, I mean it was a great book for young readers. It was a great novel. The only thing is... I want the third book to come out in the United States, other than that it was an amazing book.

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Beyond the deep woods essay

beyond the deep woods essay


beyond the deep woods essaybeyond the deep woods essaybeyond the deep woods essaybeyond the deep woods essay