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Today, for example, instructors from the Navy’s "Top Gun" school routinely train with their counterparts at the Air Force Weapons School. As part of Air-Sea Battle we are pursuing this type of inter-service cooperation between all the services, as well as within each branch of each service. Just as in tactical aviation, we are expanding our doctrine integration to include additional areas of collaboration — such as Army air-defense forces and Marine reconnaissance units. With the doctrine, procedures, investment, and training included in Air-Sea Battle’s initiatives, we are moving from cooperation toward integration across domains. To foster integration we are directing an intensified approach to building common procedures, complementary budgets, combined exercises, and joint war games.

Hydraulics is widely used around the world in simple applications like power steering of a car and also high tech applications like in aircrafts where safety measures are very important. By using a pump, other components (DCV's), actuators and a hydraulic fluid mechanical power can be achieved like lifting and pressing. The hydraulic oil which is sued needs to fit the requirement needed for the process to take place. For different applications different type of hydraulic fluids are used. In hard coal mining and forging presses low in flammability fluid must be used due to high risk for temperature therefore synthetic oils are used instead of standard oils.

My company uses office automation for many reasons as shown above. They will purchase a new software program, but they have it developed specifically for the use of the company only. But there are many departments in this company and they all have different software for different uses. My department is the mortgage department so the software we use will be different from the next department which may be auto finance. They only upgrade the software when the current software is not working properly. We recently had a new software program installed because the one previously used was really slow and it seemed that everyday there was a new problem. There are two options when it comes to purchasing office automation. One is to buy if off the shelf, pre packaged or customize it. The advantages of buying it off the shelf would be lower costs and quicker delivery times. The disadvantage of buying it off the shelf is that it want be customized to the needs of the company. The advantage of customization is that it will be specifically

Automation essay office

automation essay office


automation essay officeautomation essay officeautomation essay officeautomation essay office